Cell Dara Solutions, LLC

Solutions for the Small Business
Managed Services: Cell Dara Solutions provides managed services for a low, fixed rate which includes 24x7 monitoring of your systems, remote support and administrative services. Cell Dara Solutions will constantly monitor your systems and fix them, as well as alerting you to problems that may affect your work day. Read more ...

On-Call Support: Cell Dara Solutions realizes the need for on-call emergency support. Cell Dara Solutions provides emergency support for systems not covered by our Managed Services at reasonable rates.

Managed Hosting: Cell Dara Solutions understands that many small businesses operate out of the home with unreliable network connections. Cell Dara Solutions can provide you with hosting solutions for your website, email, file server, and VoIP PBX. Not only can we provide you with the hosting service, but manage these for you as well. Is Managed Hosting right for you? Read more ...

Do It Yourself Domain and Hosting: Cell Dara Solutions realizes that some small businesses would rather do it themselves. We provide all the necessary tools for you to register your domain, webhosting plans, virtual server plans, SSL Certificates, and much more if you decide Managed Hosting isn't for you. Our pricing is one of the lowest in the industry. Click here to visit.

Make Money: Become a reseller of Domains and Hosting for additional revenue stream with your own branding. Click here to visit.

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