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The decision to purchase and host your own internet server or use managed server hosting can be a difficult choice.

With managed server hosting, you can avoid the large initial costs of buying expensive hardware by renting a host's equpment for a much smaller monthly cost. They in turn provide the hosting and management of your server needs.

Managed Server Hosting has a number of potential benefits:

Server Support: Local issues such as the power grid failing, equipment malfunctions can result in your internet presence going down. Your managed hosting provider can provide the needed support for your server. This can include monitoring the servers, repairing hardware failures, network problems, and backup power supplies for the server. Many hosting companies can also offer the option of periodic data backup as an added precaution against data loss or corruption.

Flexible Scalability: Today's business climate can be difficult at best. As your company grows, your IT staffing needs will grow. With managed server hosting, you can upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth as needed simply by letting your hosting provider know your needs. This allows you to use the host's staff and resources and minimize your having to invest in the hiring of additional regular permanent IT staff. Bandwidth needs can be met by simply letting your hosting provider know your changing needs.

Equipment savings: A server and communications gear, including special routers, if needed, can easily cost between $5,000 and $15,000, depending upon your needs. With managed hosting, you rent the host's equipment, rather than having to purchase it. Computer technology is still rapidly evolving. Renting allows you to take advantage of these rapid changes, without having to incur large upfront costs.

Security Issues: Viruses, denial of service attacks, and unauthorized access are a few of the many evolving dangers that your IT staff has to keep up with. Your host can assist you in the installation of necessary firewalls and server monitoring equipment.

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